• About us is based in London in the United Kingdom. We aim to bring colour and beauty to the only place in the world you call your home. Afterall, home is where the heart is. The Crystal Soil aka Water Gel Beads we supply cannot be found cheaper anywhere else. Use Crystal Soil for your home, office, events planning, parties, weddings.

    Crystal Soil is a huge hit with shoppers, and this translates to impulse buys and repeat sales for you. If you are a florist place a few flower arrangements using Crystal Soil on display and not only will customers want the crystals but at times the vases too.

    We offer huge discounted wholesale prices, the best around. Crystal Soil is more attractive and a fraction of the cost of marbles or stones – using less shelf space to sell the product.

    For those wishing to start stocking Crystal Soil, contact us to discuss your wholesale requirements at:

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