• Water retaining Crystals

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    Water retaining crystals aka water retaining gel aka water retaining polymers aka water retaining gel crystals aka water retaining granules are one and the same. They are more often known by the name crystal soil. Water retaining crystals are water absorbent polymers which expand when soaked in water and increase to over 150% their original size.

    The water retaining gels can be used to pot plants and cut flowers as well as for decorative purposes as they come in a range of colours to match ones taste and decor.

    Water retaining crystals as the name implies can also function as a soil additive. Other than potting your plants and cut flowers in crystal soil for decorative purposes you can add the water retaining crystals to your pot plants such as hanging baskets to help maintain moisture in the soil and reduce watering frequency. If you have plants that require copious amount of water then the water retaing crystals are just right.

    Using water retaining crystals ensure your plants never lack water even when you are on holiday and will ensure your plants drink water as and when they are thirsty and not before. Using water retaining crystals will make your plants grow more healthy whether or not you choose to use them as a soil additive or in place of soil altogether.

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