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    Water Crystals are a form of hydro-culture or hydroponics, which is the practice of cultivating plants without soil.

    A super absorbent polymers often referred to as crystal mud, magic crystal soil, water gel, plant gel and water pearls. You will use them for growing indoor plants and keeping cut flowers fresh. They are also for decorative purposes such as centrepieces to match your indoor taste and decor, creating a breathtaking display.

    Preferred to soil and water for their functional as well as aesthetics properties. Microscopic holes ensure that plants and flowers benefit from the gradual release of water and plant feed and as such plants grow more vigorously and remain healthier.

    Water  Crystals have many benefits, not least:

    • Water left to stand in pots or vases causes mould and mildew. This is now not a problem as the water crystals absorb the water during the hydration process and release it to the plant as required.
    • When hydrated, water crystals expand to many times their original size, reduce water wastage by controlling its availability, increase the time between watering and to promote improved plant survival.
    • Water Crystals are reusable. Once they shrink simply place them in water for a few hours and they will expand to their original size refreshing their look, and their life.
    Amongst its many characteristics, these water crystals are translucent, odourless, dirt free, biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

    These are also great as an additive to soils and composts. Rather than water your plants constantly you can add water crystals to the soil, which will keep the soil moist. This, is ideal for your hanging plants and flower baskets.

    Typically when you pot plants in a flowering pot the mud used attracts bugs and flies and could become a breeding ground for insects as well as bad bacteria which causes plant diseases and death. These crystals help to stop this and are great for preventing stress to your plants..

    As well as for cut flowers and plants, they are for decorative purposes at home, in the office, restaurant or for table floral arrangements at weddings and other special occasions.

    Available in a range of colours they will transform and brighten up any setting. Mix, use a single colour or even layer up to 8 different colours in clear vases to create vibrant and exotic effects.

    The translucent properties of water crystals make it ideal for your floating candle arrangements. Light will pass through the crystals and create an amazing effect in any setting.

    Under watering plants prevents them transporting nutrients to the rest of the body. Overwatering plants starves plants of oxygen. Water crystals ensure your plants do not have this problem by releasing a steady flow of water as well as fertilizer to the plant like a reservoir.

    What makes this ideal for every flower or plant lovers out there is that it is easy to prepare simply by placing in water and allowing it to expand. They are also reusable as you can refresh it repeatedly. To see the exotic colours, just view our colourful gallery of water crystals … they speak for themselves.

    rectangular water crystals fully hydrated and ready to be used. In numerous colours these are ideal for soil free plantings or for controlled water release with cut fresh flowersClick here to buy Water Crystal granules for hydroponics, or for decorative purposes.

    Water Crystals help you to show your best flowers and plants in beautiful surroundings. Marrying efficient water delivery with stunning looks, you have one of the best looking hydroponic delivery systems. With our unique polymer system, you are able to choose from eight different colours in 10g bags, each large enough to draw over 1 litre of water, which will keep any plant or flowers refreshed for a long time.

    These amazing water Crystals when used for hydroponics will allow you to grow plants that are healthier, quicker growing and more easily transportable than using traditional soils.

    Learning Hydroponics:

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    The How to Guide to Hydroponics

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